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Smile Design

What is a smile design?

Smile design includes detailed aesthetic analyze. Evaluation of the lips, gums and teeth separately and with each other are important.

What are the important factors?

The level of the lips, the size of the teeth, the level of the gums, the color of the teeth, the harmony of the lips and teeth and the laugh are very important for the aesthetic smile analysis.

How is smile design designed?

During the smile design there are two parts, the teeth called the white aesthetics and the gums are the pink aesthetics.

For this purpose, we have to analyze which level of the gums should be, which teeth are included to the design, and how the teeth will appear on the white special filling at the end is done. Healthy teeth are the most important. Then the teeth-gum-bone levels of the teeth are examined clinically and radio graphically and the treatment is started with the patients approval.

How many sessions are needed for smile design?

Depending on the patient’s current status, the sessions may vary. Treatment can be completed in a single session and sometimes in a few weeks.

What is need for smile design?

For smile design is not always necessary to cut and cover teeth with porcelain. Easier and conservative methods like composite lamination, bonding, recontouring or bleaching can be used to realize your expectations.