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Hair Mesotherapy

What is Hair mesotherapy?

Hair loss is seen as major problem by people around the world.  Not only woman but also men are concerned because they have to face male pattern baldness problems. This is largely hindering the self-esteem of some people and is ashamed to face the public. Hair loss is usually caused by hereditary factors, poor nutrition, pollution, eating habits, anemia, hormonal imbalance, dandruff and other serious problems. These people continue to look for new techniques that can help them get rid of this problem. Hair mesotherapy, which is one of the effective treatment methods used frequently against hair loss, is considered as one of the treatment options.

What are reasons for hair loss?

Many internal or external factors play a role in the effect of tissue damage and hair loss.
– Heredity
– Environmental factors
– Organic, hormonal and metabolic problems
Especially in males, the hair loss is the most on the top of the head. The reason for this is that the top a hormone sensitive area is. The loss of hormone sensitive hair may increase by accelerating with genetic and environmental factors.
What should be known is that when hair loss occurs, it should be considered as a result that this situation has begun 3 to 6 months ago.

Before the hair mesotherapy can start a observation of a person’s blood table, hormones such as thyroid and sex hormones is needed. B12, biotin, and zinc levels in the body and if there is a deficiency they will be treat first before the hair mesotherapy starts. Hair mesotherapy is very popular because it provides great benefit in the renewal of your hair.

Mesotherapy by hair loss what is the goal?

1. Slow down hair loss, if it’s possible stopping it.
2. To strengthen the hair structure, to increase the hair volume.
3. To turn hair roots back to their activity, that has not completed their activity.
To slow down hair loss and to strengthen the existing hair are the benefits that everyone who applies to hair mesotherapy. Reaching the goal in the third article, re-activate the hair follicles that have not completed their activities, depend only on ideal conditions and factors as age and depreciation. If hair follicles have completed their activities, hair transplantation can be a better alternative.

Hair mesotherapy procedure:
With the hand or mesotherapy gun, the mixture is provided with a very fine needle, with a depth of 1-3 mm and access to the scalp with a certain successive frequency. Hair mesotherapy is a revolutionary treatment in hair growth since it can successfully solve the spill problem. In this process, the drug containing vitamins, minerals and necessary supplements is injected into the scalp in the mesoderm layer. This drug increases blood flow in the area, stimulates hair follicles, and can easily see positive results within a week. The patient is treated safely with almost no pain.

Hair mesotherapy session:

Minimal injection procedures do not last long, the entire application includes several sessions. The application can be extended up to one time in a week, in total 10 weeks. The positive effects of the method are noticed from the third session and become apparent within 3-6 months. It is also recommended to apply 3 sessions once every 1-3 month in periods of seasonal transition and increased hair loss. Depending on the size of the area that needs treatment, it is simple and easy procedure that takes between 10-30 minutes to complete.