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Enlarged breasts cause problems for women and men. The reason for small breasts by men is that there are not enough female hormones in the male body. All men have breast tissue. Although it has the same texture as woman but is less. In some cases the male breast(s) starts to grow spontaneously and almost takes the shape of a female breast. The swelling of breast tissue in men is called gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia can be very disturbing especially for men whose bodyweight is accepted as normal. Removing the excess tissue and fat from the breasts and obtaining a male breast with Gynecomestia surgery. The treatment can be done quite comfortably and the patient does not experience any problems during the recovery.

Gynecomastia Causes:

Gynecomastia is swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Men may develop gynecomastia as a result of normal changes in hormone levels. Several health conditions and a number of medications can cause gynecomastia. These include: Klinefelter’s syndrome, or any of the conditions that interfere with normal testosterone production. Hormone change, tumors involving the testes, liver failure and cirrhosis, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana, methadone, anabolic steroids and androgens, anti-anxiety medications, chemotherapy, aids medications. Gynecomastia can develop in HIV-positve men who are receiving a treatment.

Gynecomastia may be caused by various reasons; therefore some test should be performed before the surgery. Hormonal imbalance or a drug used by the patient may cause gynecomastia. In some cases, discontinuation of the drug or hormonal treatment due to age may make the operation unnecessary. Performing these tests is essential to prevent problems such as re-growth in breast tissue after surgery. Formerly these operations were performed with a kind of tweezers. With the developed technology we can remove excess fat in the breast with liposuction techniques. This requires insertion of a cannula, a thin hollow tube, through several small incisions.

Surgery Procedure Gynecomastia:

Some medications may interact with anesthesia or have side effects. Before the surgery you should report every detail during the medical examination. One week before the surgery you have to stop using aspirin(s) and smoking. Because smoking affects your improvement process you have to stop using it for a while before and after the surgery. Also make sure that you do not get ill. You have to stay sober for at least 6 hours.

During the surgery

After sedation, the surgeon draws the lines as a guideline what he will use during the surgery. Excision techniques are recommended where glandular breast tissue or excess skin must be removed to correct gynecomastia. Excision also is necessary if the areola will be reduced or the nipple will be repositioned to a more natural male contour. Incision patterns vary depending on the specific conditions and surgical preference.

After the surgery

It is advised not to move too much for two weeks.  As in every surgical operation, there are some risks including hematoma, wound infection or stitches opening that can be treated with medical care. The surgery may be performed under general anesthesia; you have to be sober for at least 6 hours. After routine blood tests and anesthesia examination the surgery can start. The surgery lasts for 3 hours. After the surgery the patient stay overnight at the hospital.